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about "Nobdesigns"

"Nobdesigns" is original design brand by industrial designer "Nobuo Inoue."
High-class design items made in the traditional craftsmanship of Japan, We have sent them to the world.

...Most of joy for the designer, own design become to commercial products. 
40 years ago, it was unforgettable excitement when I saw Yamaha motorcycle / RD125  which was I designed. .It is the power for me, it  become to my spirits.20 years ago, Japan's unique culture of seat chair "MAMBO" was released on the theme, and now, my favorite cigar world, cigar ashtray and cigar cutter. And leather goods that uses a Matsuzaka cow leather gloss comes out enough to use. All of the Japanese culture has been designed on the base. I should be to continue to the design also in a variety of themes...



Industrial Designer "Nobuo Inoue"

Graduated Tama University of Art Product Design Course. Joined GK Industrial Design Associate. Designed for YAMAHA Motorcycle, Snow mobile, Marine boat,YAMAHA Audio, etc.
Started for free lance designer. Clients, SUZUKI Motor Company, CANON, PANASONIC, SEIBU Department Store, Business Partner Mr. SYD MEAD/American designer, SF Movie Designer We worked for SONY, Amusement Park design, TIGER Vacuum Bottle co. ltd., etc.
Typical product design is "MAMBO sofa series," "OH!VAL series," etc.